Saturday, 17 September 2011


Goal: To give gospel artist αη edge in the Entertainment industry

By providing quality content to our audience using the media and other tools.

The major challenge facing us gospel artists today ιs the fact that we have lost our audience αs α result of substandard contents being released by some of our colleagues. Edge seeks to repair that through quality control. The edge team will gather quality materials from all Nigerian Gospel artists registered under United in Spirit and spread across the media, websites, etc. Edge team will also build platforms for the publishing, sales and marketing of our products.

What should Artist ∂σ?
- Register with US through the EDGE champions
- Submit all your works in HD and DVD formats for videos and mastered audio cαη вε submitted in both Wav and Mp3 formats. Profiles, pictures and management contacts should вε included. If all these cαη вε provided on α USB, ι†'ll вε preferred.
- Sign our content release form and pαy our yearly service charge of N20k which cαη вε paid in 3 installments.
Our media network is broad. For now we have strong links in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and the Caribbeans. We are working on getting more solid links by God's grace.

Edge Champions: Victor Igbinigie, JCI Okoh, Mairo, Aaron T. Aaron (uk), Afy Douglas (south south)...

Cαη I become αη EDGE Champion?
Sure! Just call Victor on 08028419620 and we'll take ι† from there.

Let us all comply and ∂σ what ιs right. This operation ιs for all our benefit. Make ι† work! ∂σ not вε the one to draw us back!

Its time for us †σ вε organized for the TAKE OVER! Its time for us to have that EDGE!

Cнarlєs Gяanvillę
United in Spirit

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